Tuesday, 26 June 2012

F1 Street Weekly: 19 June - 26 June

This blog is now 2 weeks old, and this this my weekly update on this blogs' happenings.

I will admit, this has been a pretty quiet week for my blog, only 2 articles coming since I did my Week 1 roundup!

Despite this, I have started a new feature for qualifying and race for every race weekend. It's called "Pick Of The Bunch", and what happens is, I pick 3 drivers to cover each weekend. Then I do a review on these 3 drivers for quali and race. I was trying to be different from the usual "wekkend reports".

Since I recieved positive feedback for this feature, I will continue for the rest of the season!

Pick Of The Bunch: Valencia Quali

Pick Of The Bunch: Valencia Race

Thanks to all my readers once again. I will keep posting. Goodbye for now!

Monday, 25 June 2012

Pick Of The Bunch: Valencia Race

Paul Di Resta- 7th

Paul made up 3 places from starting 10th on the grid. He had a very good race, running as high as 2nd in one part of the race. As well as that, it was only in the closing stages that he was overtaken by Webber and Schumacher, meaning he could have came 5th!

Mark Webber- 4th

People didn't think it was possible, but in Valencia, famed for it's lack of overtaking, Mark made up 15 places to come 4th. After his disastrous quali, he came through and got a wonderful result. One of the drivers of the day for sure!

Heikki Kovalainen- 14th

He could have came higher than 14th, but an incident with Jean-Eric Vergne caused him to have an unscheduled pit stop. He came 2 places lower than his Caterham team-mate Petrov. I think this race had a lot of promise for Heikki, but an incident ruined his day!

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Pick Of The Bunch: Valencia Qualifying

New feature! Pick of the Bunch is where I'll pick 3 drivers from each weekend to review their performance in qualifying and the race. I thought I'd try something different then the normal "race reports". I hope you like it

Paul Di Resta- 10th

Both Hulkenburg and Di Resta did well to make it to Q3 this time out but Paul stood out for me when he posted a purple middle sector, and if it weren't for a 3rd sector lock-up,  he might of had a front row result! Not as good as Montreal's 8th place on thr grid, but it was great to see Paul in Q3 once again

Mark Webber- 19th

An absolute disaster of a Saturday for Mark, failing to get a lap in for FP3 due to hydraulic problems, then a DRS failure in Q1, left him with 19th place on the grid. Even though it is no fault of his own, Red Bull must do better than this.

Heikki Kovalainen- 16th

Well done to Heikki for making Q2 this time! In Q2, it didn't look like he was going to go out, but in the dying moments, he pasted a lap faster than Ricciardo's. This means he was quicker than both Toro Rossos in qualifying today, which should be quite worrying for the Red Bull support team.

I hope you enjoyed reading, and will continue to read!!

Thursday, 21 June 2012

F1 Street Weekly- 12 June- 19 June 2012

Hello all,

I have decided to to a weekly review on the happenings of my blog! With a week gone by, there has been plenty that has went on already!

I had an interview with Charlotte Eyre, the BTCC hopeful going on the Ginetta Scholarship.


Next, I introduced people to f1etc.net, which once it is finished, is sure to be the place to go for motorsport updates and news.


Before the Le Mans 24 Hours, I did a preview of it, saying that it should be one of the most exciting editions ever, and I think I was right!


I decided that people might be wondering where the 7 leavers of the 2011 F1 season had got to. So i did some research and wrote an informative article about that.


Here are some f1 fans you should check out:


Blog- kgibbs.blogspot.co.uk


Blog- ohfakeforceindiayoucrackmeup.blogspot.co.uk
Twitter- http://twitter.com/FakeForceIndia


Blog- thegridwalker.blogspot.com
Twitter- http://twitter.com/TheGridWalker
YouTube- http://www.youtube.com/user/TheGridWalker074

Thank you for reading.

Monday, 18 June 2012

F1 leavers- Where are they now?

7 drivers left F1 last year, some of them we are still hearing of (Barrichello, Buemi) and some are like where on earth are they?? This article will tel you what these 7 have got up to since leaving F1.

Rubens Barrichello

Everyone knows that Rubens is now in IndyCar. There was talk at first of him leaving out the ovals, but in an interview, he called that "chicken". He picked up "Best Rookie" at the Indy 500, which I was happy to see him being successful and happy.

Sebastian Buemi

Another well-known story. Sebastian moved to sportscars to compete in the WEC for Toyota. He competed in the Le Mans 24 Hours but his car was retired with problems. He seems to be happy in sportscars and could stay there if no other F1 opportunities come up.

Jarno Trulli

Trulli was going to be driving for Caterham in 2012, but was replaced late by a "pay driver" suspect. He said this was a dissapointing end to his F1 career. He has no racing seat just now, but attends F1 races in the Caterham paddock.

Adrian Sutil

Oh dear. Sutil was convicted of assaulting Genii Capital CEO Eric Lux in January. He was given an 18 month suspended prison sentence and a 200'000Euro fine to be given to charity

Vitantonio Liuzzi

After being replaced by Karthikeyan at HRT for 2012,  he joined the Superstars Touring Car Series in Italy, with a 2nd in Round 1 at Monza, and winning the 2nd round of the season.

Jaime Algersuari

Toro Rosso got rid of both Jaime and Buemi for 2012, Algersuari joined the BBC F1 team, joining James Allen on BBC Radio 5 Live, as the expert summariser.

Jerome D'Ambrosio

Popularly known as "Custard", D'Ambrosio was left without a seat at Marussia for 2012. He managed to stay in F1 as Lotus' 3rd driver though, and he joined Sky F1 to be a co-commentator for practice sessions

So now you know where they are, do you hope to see any of them back in F1??

Thanks for reading, and I hope you will continue to. :-)

What do YOU want from this blog??

Hello there,

This is just a quick article to say, I REALLY want your opinions. Please tell me what you like/dislike, if you have any ideas or advice for me, or where you would like to go with this next. :-D

You can contact me by commenting on blog posts, tweeting me at @FakeSauber, or e-mailing me at f1street111@gmail.com.

Thank you everyone for your support so far, and there will be more coming very soon so keep an eye out!

Friday, 15 June 2012

Le Mans 24 Hours Preview

Tomorrow, the greatest, toughest, racing test a driver can compete in starts! The 80th Le Mans 24 Hours looks to be one of the best in the event's history. With hybrids competing for the first time, and the "Garage 56" DeltaWing, it will have plenty of variety too.

We see some ex-F1 stars, such as Nick Heidfeld, Sebastian Buemi, Kazuki Nakajima and Sebastian Bourdais take part in their first Le Mans. It will be interesting to see how they drive the different type of car

 This year, Toyota have saved the day for LMP1. With Peugeot pulling out of sportscar development, Toyota started racing their new hybrid early, basically saving the World Endurance Championship. They have a tough fight on their hands, against Audi's R18 hybrid.

GT academy winners Jordan Tresson (Signatech Nissan) and Lucas Ordonez (Greaves Motorsport) have their Le Mans debut this year in the LMP2 class. This means they have went from Gran Turismo gamers, to Le Mans racers!

The GT fight will be as good as ever with 4 manufacturers in the field. Ferrari's 458 Italia, Chevrolet's Corvette C6.R, Porsche's 911 GT3-RSR and Aston Martin's Vantage GTE.

You can enjoy every minute of the 80th Le Mans 24 Hours live on Eurosport. I personally recommend watching it!

Hope you enjoyed reading this preview, please comment and tell me your opinions!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

F1 etc

F1etc is a Twitter hashtag and website ran by Duurt Dijkman (@kolhamsterdamf1), Dennis Van Den Enden (@vandenendenf1) and Ron Kwik (@Ronf1etc). It aims to bring you the latest news quicker than anyone else, and due to it having all the latest driver/team etc. tweets, it should manage this. It is a very good site, so check here FIRST for your F1 news!! f1etc.net

I got in touch with Duurt, and he agreed to answer a few questions so that people undserstand F1etc better.

What is F1etc, and what is the idea behind it??

F1etc will become a site for F1 news but next to that we also want to inform viewers of other news from the world of motorsport. That is why the name is F1 etcetera, F1etc for short.

How did it get started??

 I (Duurt) have Facebook and thru that medium i post little things from the world of F1 that isn't on any other site. I mean things like tweets from Heikki Kovalainen telling he planned to go play golf that day, sometimes even with a picture. People asked me if i didn't want to start an own website with just that kind of things on there, but i had no idea how. By that time i became friends with Dennis and he knew someone who could help build a website. We three got together and created a medium that could become the first thing you look for before you would go to any other site. Just like the top of a pyramid. All kinds of news but then directly from the people themselves. This could be done thru twitter, so we use that as a base.

Where do you plan to go with it next??

 The idea is that for this season we stay basic and bring you the news from all drivers, teams and journo's of the world of motorsport. Next season we will try and get some sponsoring so that we, or one of us, can go to some races and give you our point of view thru an article. Of course we want to involve the viewers aswell by giving them the oppertunity to use our forum or send us their version of a race-review. If we three like it enough, we can even put in on the site. But that's the future.

How good is the teamwork between the 3 of you??

The teamwork is very good. We all know what we want and have the same vision as to how we would like it to become. Although Ron is more the "behind the scenes guy", he to is an important part of the three musketeers.

Have there been any difficult points along the road??

 I can only speak for myself but my only difficult point is the fact that Ron and Dennis live not far from each other but i live a good 2hr drive away. Thank god for phone, facebook, mail and twitter.

Thanks Duurt for being willing to do this!

Visit the website at f1etc.net
Follow the guys on Twitter,
Duurt- @kolhamsterdamf1
Dennis- @vandenendenf1
Ron- @Ronf1etc

Interview with Charlotte Eyre

You may not have heard of Charlotte Eyre now, but you might pretty soon. Her goal is to one day race in BTCC, and with a support series drive available, that goal is becoming closer.

We have asked her a few questions about her racing life (which can get quite busy)

For people who haven't heard of it (yet!), can you explain what #Charlee4BTCC is all about??

#Charlee4BTCC is my hashtag for people to get to know who I am in the world of racing. I aimed for F1 to dtart with but the opportunity came for a Ginetta seat in 2013. So i want to go into BTCC. It's also a way of sponsors seeing me I guess! I have my friends to thank for the hashtag, or as they think they are, "The Webteam"

What do you have to do to get the Ginetta seat??

I've done it in two ways. One is the scholarship programme that is being run in July. It's "cheap" and worth the money you pay. To do it the other way is I do know people within Ginetta personally so they put in a good word for me. Nothing is confirmed though.

Have you ever driven a BTCC car??

No... Never driven a car to be honest with you! But I have Paul O'Neill coaching me when he can and I have others helping me. That's why I'm wanting to do Ginetta then move up to BTCC! All fun and games!!

How important are your friends and family for support??

My family support has been great! My Dad is the one who races karts with me. My mum supports me and the rest have all been behind me! My friends on the other hand haven't been as supportive. About 8 have stayed with me. Everyone else tells me to go back to hockey. But i do both. Support is key in a persons success in my eyes!

Is it sometimes hard to find time for both sports??

It is... Most weekends I'm off playing hockey for my town team or for Staffordshire. But staying that, playing hockey helps with my fitness levels for my racing. Even though I go to the gym, I still need that extra push. I have had a weekend before where the Saturday was filled full of racing with two karting races. Then the Sunday was filled with a hockey match and practice session

Follow Charlotte on Twitter at @CharlotteEyre18
You can follow her road to BTCC at @Charlee4BTCC
There is a blog about it at www.charlee4btcc.wordpress.com

Wish Charlotte well in her road to BTCC!!

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Welcome To F1 Street

My F1 Story

I started watching F1 from a very young age, but it was in 2005 that I really got into it. I was a supporter of the Renault team for a while (particularly Fernando Alonso). I've been watching it ever since. I'm a bigger F1 fan right now than I ever have been! I love it!

This Blog

I saw other F1 blogs, and was inspired by them to start one of my own. Go and read the blogs that inspired me at,

I will try to post regularly, mostly about F1, but sometimes about other motorsports too (BTCC, IndyCar, GP2 etc.) 

I hope you really enjoy this blog, and please encourage others to read it :-D



About Me

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